Product catalog 2017

Our product catalogue contains technical parameters together with descriptions of construction and use features of products in the form of catalog sheets. According to application of the products, the sheets have been divided into 5 sections:

  1. Surge arresters
  2. transformer equipment
  3. earthing and earthing system elements
  4. equipment for the construction of low, medium and high voltage overhead lines
  5. current transformers
  6. devices for measurement and compensation of ground fault currents

Devices for measurement and compensation of ground fault currents

The most common types of medium voltage lines are lines with a neutral point earthed by a choke – so-called compensated lines. The condition for their safe operation is to properly adjust the choke to the current network parameters. This in turn requires constant control of these parameters.

The catalog contains a full set of devices used in compensated lines, from earthing transformers to arc suppression coils. We also present a complete unit for measurement and automatic compensation of ground fault currents based on the method developed by prof. Lorenc.

Low voltage current transformers

Effective control and management of power networkss depends on the reliability and accuracy of measurements. This in turn is provided by adequately durable and accurate transformers.

The catalog contains the entire range of transformers offered by our company in standard versions .On special request, BEZPOL is also able to offer non-standard, custom designs – with parameters tailored to specific customer requirements.

Devices for heating and ventilation of distribution cabinets

Nowadays, control and management systems are saturated with electronics which resistance to interference due to environmental hazards is limited. One of the most common causes of damage to these systems is uncontrolled condensation of water vapor in closed distribution or control cabinets. An effective way to prevent this threat is to control the condition of the atmosphere inside the cabinets (temperaturę, humidity, air pollution, etc.)

The catalog contains solutions developed for these purposes by the German company STEGO:

  • air heaters with different powers and applications
  • fans to force air movement in cabinets
  • input and output air filters
  • temperature and humidity control devices
  • lighting of distribution cabinets.


Products for railways

The specificity of traction power results both from power supply parameters as well as from special operating conditions of devices. Therefore, it usually requires special solutions that ensure maintenance of characteristic technical requirements and work safety.

The offer of the BEZPOL company in this section includes:

  • devices for overvoltage protection of traction networks
  • earthing elements
  • devices for measurement and compensation of earth fault currents in power supply networks
  • systems for supplying tractions with direct current (complete rectifier – traction systems)
  • current transformers.